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Born in beautiful Denmark I grew up surrounded by Lego and Legoland in Billund.
After graduating from business school (HH) in 1981 I moved to another paradies called Switzerland to work in the medical department of a pharmaceutical company.

The turning point in my life came as I realized that the 1st priority to big Pharma was not really focussed on solving diseases. My little world view literally crashed into pieces and that's what opened the doors into studying alternative Medicine. An outstanding journey searching for answers started that would fill the next eras of my life. I left Switzerland in 1988 and spent 4 years sailing the 7 seas - or at least 4 of them...
Back in Switzerland I began studying extensively again, but the job and the life style consumed me to such an extent that in 1994 I decided to emmigrate to the peaceful Island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean - in order to create a life style that allowed me to fully concentrate on studying the metaphysical world in all its aspects. And that outstanding journey has never stopped....

Since 1999 I have been training and working with different healers - my special thanks and appreciation goes to Enrique Arellano Farias (see details below) - and Stephen Turoff. After meeting Eric Pearl and The Reconnection
in 2006 I am also working as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner (Level III).

My extraordinary teachers and mentors are among others Jasmuheen, Caroline Myss, Norman Shealey and Lama Surya Das - a buddhist Diamond

Appointment for Reconnective Healing
or a Personal Reconnection

please call: + 34 610 448199
email :

Enrique Arellano Farias
A graduated Brennan Healer, Born in Mexico,
living and working in Barcelona

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